Thanksgiving Meal for 4


Serves 4 People

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Turkey breast

Brined for 24 hours, seared and seasoned, slowly roasted, then sliced. No dark meat 2lbs


Pan juice with giblets, stock, contains flour 2lbs


Roasted in the oven, Peeled and mashed seasoned with pumpkin spice, and topped with a light maple syrup drizzle 2 1/2lbs

Mashed potatoes

Russet potatoes, mashed with milk and butter and a touch of nutmeg 2lbs

Brussels sprouts

Pan roasted with sliced onions and olive oil and topped with a balsamic glaze drizzle 1 1/2lbs


House made focaccia croutons, diced mirepoix, carrots, onions celery, sausage, sage, wine, stock, spices 1lb

Green beans

Blanched and topped with diced tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil and garlic 1lb

Cranberry sauce

Fresh cranberries slowly cooked with sugar, orange juice and cinnamon sticks 1lb


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